Ramanga, Metusba, Lamia, and Lugat were the first set of Deamhan created to battle vampires. They can feed on humans and vampires.


Ramanga Deamhan are one of the most violent of all Deamhan. Feed off the psychic energy in human blood.  They have retractable and sharp canine teeth.


Lamia are known to be just as violent as the Ramanga Deamhan. They feed by draining the psychic energy from their victim’s mouths, sucking them into dry husks. Lamia are also conceded and prefer the hunt rather than the kill.


Metusba are known to be the less violent of the Deamhan. They feed off the psychic aura of their victims around them. They don’t have to kill their victims to survive.


Lugat feed on the psychic imprints of their victims and like the Metusba, they don’t need to kill their victims to live. Often, the Lugat Deamhan prefer to move freely in the human world and enjoy human company.